All Type Of Logic Board

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Technotronic Repair Technology and Experience of the highest level allow Galaxy Electronics to offer an electronic repair service second to none.
Serving industries ranging from Aerospace to Zoology have given our technicians a truly in depth knowledge of industrial electronic control systems and their application. Using this experience plus the latest diagnostic tools allows our technical staff not only to complete a quick, cost effective repair, but also in many cases to suggest ways in which similar future failures might be avoided.

Galaxy’s no nonsense approach to industrial electronic repair problems have attracted clients ranging from small specialist engineering companies to large multinational control system manufacturers.
Galaxy Electronics maintains well stocked in-house lab to quickly and efficiently repair CNC circuit boards and all kinds of machine interface boards. Our technicians repair all types of components, including Control Boards, System and Drive Cards, Feedback Units, Indexers and Digital Readouts.
We provide worldwide repair of most control systems and CNC peripherals. You can depend on Galaxy Electronics for integrity, fast and quality service. Our staff is highly trained and our goal is to have your equipment repaired in the shortest possible time.

Our technicians have unparalleled experience in troubleshooting, repairing and testing CNC machines for varied manufacturing industries. We operate with one goal, to keep your production downtime down to a minimum. We treat every customer as if it was our own business. With Galaxy Electronics you can be confident you are receiving professional service.
We service most types and brands of CNC Electronics, conventional, SMDs, multi layer, CNC, relay logic, surface mount, and other circuit board construction methods are repaired and serviced by Galaxy Electronics.